Our impact

Navigate the future of health

At Dot I/O Health, our purpose is to navigate the future of health towards sustainable value and positive health outcomes for all the diverse people who need it around the world. Our expertise and propriety solutions have been proven to work, providing the inputs to ensure together we design health systems, organizations and drugs that focus on what’s best for patients and society. We are a boutique consulting firm with a global reach, working closely with many of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Changing horizons

Toward co-designing with patients

Healthcare has made great strides in diagnosis, treatment and cure. Increased global connectivity and awareness means equitable health access and positive outcomes are the new frontier. But the development lifecycle of new medicines is still too often a disjointed series of specialized, science-focused tasks without patients at its centre. The biggest barriers to solving population health challenges are, in fact, clinical, systematic and social. There is an emerging moral understanding that people deserve a say in how their health is managed and that end users are powerful sources of impactful insights and innovations.


Patient centered system design

Our targeted approach is to combine design and system thinking with investigative data science and industry expertise. We connect the dots to discover relevant novel insights that reveal true value, mapping sustainable business strategies based on the identification of precise populations. A partnership with us means successful navigation of the future, propelling health asset development via a mindset shift to value-based health outcomes.

Identify. Locate. Take action

Geolocate potential patient populations

The era of precision medicine requires a precise patient population insight and strategy approach. From the earliest stages of an asset’s life, and with every step after, understanding and discovering precise patient population and where they are located, is crucial to delivering positive outcomes. We call this our P3 approach and its power lies in identifying where potential patients are most likely to be without collecting any personal data. This allows geolocation of these populations based on key attributes such as clinical, economic and social proxies for ethnicity and genetics.

Drive equitable access strategies

Locate underserved populations

Today there are some 1 billion migrants globally, with some being the most underserved populations in healthcare. A person’s place of birth can reveal their risk group for many specific conditions and diseases and so we have developed a global database of migration to and within key markets where drugs are launched. This means our clients can precisely geolocate relevant populations and work closely with regulators, payers, HCPs and the community to ensure equitable access.

High value actionable insights

Anticipate the commercial landscape

The difference in our approach is context and perspective. We use our unique, sophisticated processes to identify, filter and examine open source data, where others may not look, allowing us to connect the dots as we map out the ecosystem we are exploring. These findings are tested and illuminated by our investigative team who conduct on the ground, one-to-one, real-life interviews with frontline patients, their advocates and health care professionals in every corner of the globe. This drives our next generation solutions, providing granular situational awareness today and anticipating what is coming next, while delivering cost efficiencies over traditional approaches. We call this DEEP Horizon.

connect the dots

Make sense of all your data

Diversity of perspective has been shown to promote original thinking to solve tough problems. To evolve and innovate productively we believe organizations must effectively bring design and data together. We use DEEP Data Forensics to analyze your data and map it with design thinking to understand your company DNA. With this knowledge and insight we can begin to establish a shared understanding and common ground to build a solid foundation for effective innovation. To drive change seamlessly we create powerful, impactful data visualizations, storytelling and dashboards to bring all stakeholders in your company on the journey with you.

Reframe and evolve

Enable patient centered strategies

As the world changes and evolves so must your business. Yesterday’s solutions won’t solve tomorrow’s problems and developing patient centered frameworks is key to formulating successful future strategies and delivering sustainable, positive health outcomes. Our highly skilled and specialized team will partner with you to innovate, design and communicate patient centered strategies to ensure successful adoption. Join the industry leaders already working closely with us to redefine the future of health.

Across the entire medicines lifecycle

The path to true value

By understanding the current and future landscape we can give greater context to the patient centered value of an asset from its identification (phase 1) through its clinical development (phase 2/3) to its potential launch (regulatory approval/access). Contextual considerations include patient experience data, portfolio considerations, social and cultural trends, emerging trends, emerging solutions and wider health ecosystem. We can embed a trusted advisor within your organization to guide your people through this whole process, using our proprietary framework for health assets. 

Refine opportunity • focus resource • optimize value

Global precision strategies to deliver local market value

We believe in the development of precision strategies directly applicable to the needs of local markets. This is made possible by our multi-layered data analytics to uncover the unique actionable insight. Applying these insights, with our industry expertise, means you can anticipate and navigate the future commercial landscape with highly targeted global strategies that have meaningful in market value. To achieve this we unify the data underpinning the actionable insight to build a framework designed to work at every level. Through this in-depth understanding precise patient populations can be better served, and value is translated into outcome.

In the real world

Co-create on the ground implementations

We validate our global precision strategy with local and hyper-local data and processes to co-design evidence-based health system approaches. This enables local marketing organizations to engage effectively and knowledgeably with key stakeholders. Through this in-depth understanding precise patient populations can be better served, and value is translated into positive health outcomes.